Our Story

SaDi Consulting has been serving businesses in Texas for over 15 years. Throughout the years, our overarching goal has remained the same: take our clients to the next level with ROI-Centric IT.

We always want our clients to know exactly what they're getting from their investment in technology. They shouldn't have to guess or worry about it. Instead, they should feel the benefits of their technology in the work they do. Our clients deserve a technology plan that makes their lives easier and improves how things get done.

Our specialty is custom-made solutions for how you work, sell, and grow. We think this is important, because at the end of the day, IT is about people, not computers.

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How SaDi Consulting ROI-Centric IT Model Brings IT Sanity

Launched in 2017, SaDi Consulting helps businesses in Texas increase productivity with ROI-Centric IT – and scale with ease.


The Benefits of their IT Investment, Experienced Every Day

The advantages of an ROI-Centric IT plan are not fuzzy or mundane. Our IT services are designed to remove haziness from our clients’ IT spending. Companies justify every dollar invested with efficient workflows, fast support, and increased revenue.


Support Staff Available at the Click of a Button

Unforeseen problems in IT are going to happen. SaDi Consulting clients never have to sit around waiting for answers. Our technicians are available around the clock to keep IT running smoothly day in and day out.


We Don’t Nickel and Dime

We don’t use coercive, high-pressure sales tactics at SaDi Consulting – and we have no interest in selling services our clients don’t absolutely need. Our ROI-Centric IT plans are designed to provide a level of support customized to each client. Nothing more, nothing less.


We Don’t Talk Over Anyone’s Heads

We don’t expect our clients to know all the terms and jargon in IT, that’s our job. Our concern is making sure clients understand exactly what they’re getting – and more importantly, how it benefits them. This is the key to a good partnership.


Problems Are Solved Proactively

ROI-Centric IT is about staying ahead of roadblocks and jumping on vulnerabilities before they disrupt daily operations.


IT Solutions based on your goals

At SaDi Consulting we partner with you to help you hit your organizations targets.

SaDi Consulting-Centric Mindset

If you’re ever questioning your IT investment, you’re probably not getting the support you deserve.

At SaDi Consulting, we believe IT shouldn’t be seen as an expense. ROI-Centric IT is about using technology to make business growth feel natural. Our goal is for every client to experience the benefits of our IT plans with more efficient workflows, less downtime, and increased productivity. Research is the foundation of every ROI-Centric IT strategy. We need to understand a company’s challenges, employee culture, and gaps on the ground level to formulate a plan that leaves no stone unturned.

SaDi Consulting Values


Different Paths to Favorable ROI

We need to get to the root of what makes a client special before we can improve their Technology ROI. That’s why every ROI-Centric IT strategy is backed by business discovery and planning.


Sound Security is the Core of IT

Security is a baseline pillar. Every ROI-Centric IT plan is built with security measures against the most prevalent threats, giving you peace of mind day after day.


ROI-Centric IT is About Scalability

IT isn’t just about planning for today – it’s about creating a strategy that keeps the company ahead of the curve every day. At SaDi Consulting, the true value we provide is your growth.


IT Support is a Relationship

SaDi Consulting operates as your partner.We’re in it for the long haul – and that only works with a strong level of trust. Think of us as your own in-house IT department.

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